With the ECOMode® you can make your chiller
smart. Turn the ECOMode® on and only use your
chiller if it is necessary and save up to 40% on electricity

EcoMode® algorithms

The EcoMode® algorithms have been programmed
to notice when cooling unnecessary and can
automatically adapt the power to the needs.

Save energy

up to 0 %

For the environment

Spend less power for the
same quality and the optimality of


400 m² Ice Ring energy spending without/with EcoMode

Season 2017 (02/17-03/17) without EcoMode
Season 2018 (01/18-02/18) with EcoMode

Sustainability first!

We stirive to optimize energy efficiency
of all facilities to achieve edgy savings and reduce emissions.

Our sustainability policy ensures our operations
have only the lightest possible carbon footprint on the environment.

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